GTA 5: NEW Cell Phone Cheat Code Numbers — for ps4 and xbox

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    man can u tell me cheat code in phone for money

  2. kpnuuutGirlz 246:

    none of them work for me ?!?

  3. Parody City:

    What do u hit to type the number

  4. damian majewski:

    Can you tell me all wepons i cheat code offline

  5. Aimless_ _Rageless:

    Lol when u try to get ur video to 3mins lol

  6. angelia mccoy:

    Do sky fall

  7. Haroldo Alvarado:

    300 like

  8. XarosGames:

    Niet zo roelkeloos rijden he roel

  9. GamerDutch NL:

    Kanker roel

  10. GamerDutch NL:

    Kanker roel huisslet

  11. Thomas Silva:

    Try 19996337623 dert????


    does it only work on Franklin I tried it with Michael and it did not work

  13. Sharon Wayne:

    Work on xbox 360

  14. Jose Jeffrey:

    It works

  15. Štěpán Peřina:

    Works on PS3?

  16. Joshua Nicholson:

    Ive got the cheat codes it on a website

  17. Ran:

    Didn’t work but still liked

  18. XxBoxKid Triggered:

    He is breathing listen closely

  19. OfficialSnowLeapord:

    you have to press X on xbox. To activate the dial number.

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