GTA 5: Give All Weapons Cheat — XBOX 360 & PS3!

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  1. Emanuele De Riu:

    dont work


    Thanks for posting this great video.

  3. Gaurav Reddy:

    my phone opens whenever i try this cheat in xbox 360 and cheat doesnt activate

  4. Everything Nerf:

    What hell it don’t work

  5. AKM Always Keep Moving:

    Didn’t work for me you use up down left right with d pad or joy stick?

  6. hunterGT 37:

    it is not even work man

  7. John Averin Aslakhanov:

    Does it spawn a minigun for you?

    • John Averin Aslakhanov:

      I don’t care if you guys wanna scam. We don’t allow scammers here. Now SCRAM

    • Basil Lach:

      I am applying this tip everyday to gain nearly *_Legit Unlimit3d Mon3y and RP_* instantly until now so great an individual posted the item right here THIS IS UPDDDDATTED HAAAACCCCCCKS TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTTTED MMMONEEEEEEYYY AND RP INNN GTTTA5

    • Jamar Guzon:

      Appears employing this cheats *daily* to achieve nearly *_Unlimited RP plus money_* instantaneously up to now so excellent another person placed that below THAssS AWESOMEE HAAAACCCCCCKS OWN UUUNNLIIIMITTTED MMMOOONNNEEEEEEYYY AND RP INNNN GTTTA5

    • The Cree:

      +Kamil Jan (KAMA) which button is down left right etc for ps3?

    • Arnoldo Abolt:

      Appears by using this tip *daily* to gain pretty much *_Almost Unlimited Cash_* immediately until now so great a person put up the idea here THERE IS AWESOMEE GENERRRRRATOOR TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTED MONEEEEEEYYYY AND RP INNN GTTA5

  8. the ledgend 27:

    I was so hyped for the rest of the night after I saw this video heal

  9. Flaming Flamingo:

    Holy cefberthrgshtrthwrgrb u killed a dog

  10. Miguel Grau:

    The best game in the World

  11. Pratish Adhikari:

    Thanx bro

  12. awesomeface414:

    With that cheat you don’t have to use your money 🙂

  13. gamerfreak0670:

    OMG this says all weapons it only gives you some weapons ????????????????

  14. Almar John Comia:

    this is fake well if this is its work but its not

  15. Petar Markovic:

    is intro

  16. Lil Nc:

    Cheat codes don’t ever fucking work! Like what hell man?

  17. Susan Dalton:

    Yeah I know I’m not stupid

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