GTA 5 Funny Moments 6 — Invincibility Cheat, Super Jump, Moon Gravity, and More! «GTA V Gameplay»

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  1. Micah Gonzales:

    Michael Bay, you know what to do XD

  2. Deborah Ray:

    I love you video’s Tyler and could you tell vanoss mini ladd h20 delirious and everyone else that traice jones said helo and keep up the good work

  3. czar trak:

    go into army base and use explosive rounds minigun :3

  4. Yi Fang Shen:

    ever time i hear the x files, i immediately lol waaayyyy to loud.

  5. TJGaming:

    directed by macheal bay

  6. The Dark Heart 22:

    and the cow goes over the moon lmfao

  7. CreepyHippo:

    wahts the song name within 1:17 and 1:24?? 😀

  8. KrakenC:

    Anyone know the music at 1:19

  9. R 07:

    Omg guy floating!!!!!!!

  10. Dakota Almanza:

    just buy a tank so u can cal and call agin

  11. spaerospence:

    and the cow goes over the moon!!

  12. Dr. ISIS:

    Geez,I remember the X Files songs scared the crap out of me while listening to it too long

  13. FoundeadGaming:

    I just don’t understand how he made himself ragdoll in mid jump

  14. Creeptonium:

    what is the name of  that wird alien music i want to know

  15. Aarick Wallace:

    on xb1 if you turn on the slo mo aim cheat to three, turn on flaming bullets, then hold down LT then then slightly hold RT while shooting sombody ur controler spazzez out and makes a reallllllly weird noise

  16. Najee Spriggs:

    Those are cheats

  17. Angie pangie:

    I have used these cheats

  18. Earth gamer:

    do the stancy leg do the stance leg ya

  19. NiteLibra Gaming:

    I landed on my feet with super jump

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