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  1. Kevin Arco:

    Looney Toons Ending: The guy doesn’t fall until he looks down…

  2. Faze Nixon:

    they went in the grown

  3. Cal Mehdi:

    With the most üpdated one, this GTA 5 Link 23 generrator will help a lot Tried tℎis montℎs back and it still in the very best type

  4. Martin:

    fell through ground

  5. finbilly:

    The shadow of the plane looks interesting at 9:14

  6. Simon Oldfield:

    through the ground

  7. LoopyGiraffe12:

    they went threw the ground

  8. Cousin Gaming:

    This comment section is cringe 50% hey friends online hack 40% he went in the ground 6% this video is old 3% accidentally clickin on someone then having to copy their name 1% don’t trust these hacks Me: …

  9. NewYork City Bandit:

    they feel through the ground

  10. xpertthug:

    they went through the ground

  11. Damien Haggard:

    the fire fighter truck went through the ground

  12. Caleb Rosendo:

    They fell off the side

  13. Noah Banks:

    They went through the ground

  14. adrian bennett:

    they when through the ground

  15. MKM:

    Did any one else notice that at 9:13 the plane’s shadow had wing but the actual plane had them blown off. I can’t be the only one who noticed right???

  16. Proz Gamers 123:

    Lol best video

  17. Drusi Fogrock:

    the firemen fell through the ground

  18. billy scranner:

    WTF. why is everyone commenting about the truck going through the ground…?

  19. Proz Gamers 123:

    I love this video they went though the ground

  20. Justin Goree:

    It went through

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