GTA 5 — CRAZY NINJA CHEAT STUNTS? — (GTA V — Funny Moments #7) — *NO SPOILERS* — Moon Gravity

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  1. Bandito the shitposter:

    Where i can find the music when trevor spin like a record ?

  2. Tekk Solstice:

    I need to sleep… After one more video…

  3. BDGaming:

    I remember when this first came out still probably my favorite gta video ever

  4. Abi Davies:

    It’s been a year try again x

  5. Kian Gwynne:

    Who’s watching in 2016-2017

  6. Mika B:

    2:04 He did a TREE SIXTY

  7. vLegs:

    damnit max, its been 3 years, Trevor wants that parkour license

  8. JonaLeow:

    2:27 that girl just do some crazy ninja kick

  9. TheMakeshiftDestroyerDT:

    It’s been nearly 1 year, time to try again Trevor

  10. Louise_ mck16:

    who’s watching in 2017?

  11. Louis Nardella:

    Anyone notice the troll face at 8:41?

  12. Michael Johnson:

    If u pause it exactly on 1:30 it looks awkward

  13. JustinRayC:

    Is it just me or I feel like this is when max actually cared about is videos.

  14. Ariana is the queenxx:

    How many hats does this guy have lol


    last time I watched this I dont remember him wearin that hat

  16. 37. Ounces:

    try the moon gravity cheat with the super jump cheat

    • Star-Lord:

      i messed around and did a Deadpool flip and executed two cops by a lucky headshot on GTA today…

    • Joshua Jr:

      iv did that alredy

    • Phebe Mcmannus:

      I *have* been employing this cheats everyday to achieve almost *_Easy & fast cash and RP_* immediately so far so great a person posted that right here THIS IS NEW HAAAACCCCCCKS TO GET UUUNNLIIIMITTTED MMONNNEEEEY AND RP IN GGGTTTAAA555

    • Luis Haitz:

      I *have* been employing this cheats each day to achieve nearly *_Almost Unlimited Cash_* instantaneously thus far so great a person posted that right here THIS IS LEGGGGITTT GENERRRRRATOOR ,GET UUUNLIIIMITTTTTED MONEEEEEEYYYY AND RP INNN GTTTA5

    • 37. Ounces:

      +zappier PLAYZ forreal

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