GTA 5 Cheat: Infinite Money Hack

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  1. Jake Lish:

    Has 30 mil, needs to steal a boat.

  2. w0nderjul:

    are there any real people in the comments

  3. tmcc425:

    What would youtube be without bots? Thx guys!

  4. vxxnce:

    99% bot scammers 1% actual people

  5. Princewill A:

    who is watching this in 2017

  6. eLeCtRiC_ShOcK:

    Real People Where you at?

  7. cybermyth:

    Literally every top comment on the first page is a scam. Good job youtube

  8. Dreshon Bullock:

    I’m going to the location but there’s no case wtf

  9. Hrishi Dere:

    I have aquaphobia now what do I do

  10. Eileen Severa:

    thank you for this I love playing the game, buying all the games, but hAte the missions, weird I know

  11. Anthony 103.4:

    I found the ship, but not the money.

  12. The Rippler:

    Anyone wanna nipple twist me?

  13. Killer_virrusHD:

    My god 100% of all comments ive seen are scammers. This video is a huge bait for scammers.

  14. Tracy Williams:


  15. TheDoggies5416:

    Hopefully the first comment you’ve seen today that’s not a scam

  16. Danny Prizeman:

    doesn’t work anymore

  17. Ryx Matic:

    is this still not patched im in 2016

  18. Shell 1500:

    every single comment is a scam

  19. some random guy:

    Everyone’s talking about these scam comments but all I’m seeing is regular comments about scam comments

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