GTA 5 — Cheat Codes — Helicopters & Planes/Parachute (Xbox360/PS3)

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  1. Mat Soto:

    It doesn’t work

  2. Andre Cruz:

    This really dont work

  3. Brandon Briones:

    thank you it worked for me on ps3 just got it yesterday and it was 58% off so it was 25 $ gonna end tomorrow

  4. Ceejzl -:

    I have PS3 and gta

  5. Helkem:

    it worked thanks

  6. TGK Gaming:

    In order to get the parachute do you have to be in a plane/helicopter?

  7. Marisa Doss:

    Do ps3!!!!!!!!

  8. Brianne Debiasi:

    i am by using this tip every day to gain pretty much 99k Money immediately up to now so far so good someone published the idea in this article

  9. bones malone:

    thank you a lot for doing the buzzard cheat

  10. PPK1:

    So much hate, now hes laughing in your face

  11. Aowsomewolf Aj:

    It dose work thank you and ps I love your video

  12. cheif kurt:

    It doesn’t work

  13. Butter King:

    What does the aligator signs mean

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