GTA 5 — Cell Phone Cheats Confirmed

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  1. shehzad chowdhury:

    If the cheats save into the contacts i’d love this

  2. korisselys:

    Only a year late…

  3. Rottie Robben:

    This is how you remaster a game people, you not only improve the graphics a bit but you add a ton of new content even if its subtle it still proves how rockstar listens and cares about the fans unlike other shitty remasters that were simply made to make more money

  4. Cameron Kinney:

    My usual Indian cab driver picked me up while singing along to his crappy Punjabi music at the top of his voice. He smiled when I pulled out a set of ear plugs. «looks like you came prepared this time» he said laughing. I smiled back at him and replied «yes» as I put them up my nostrils.

  5. DaMoose:

    «Not enough phone numbers. 7.8 out of 10.» -IGN

  6. WildAcid:

    Trevor called God but God rejected him XD

  7. Mr_Annihilator:

    eren eats his dad in Attack on Titans, have a nice day 🙂

  8. DaLeanMaN:

    Yay just like in GTA iv

  9. Michael Hunt:

    Um this cheat has been found out a long time ago I don’t get it…

  10. John lauranites:

    24 dislikes? I guess because too much water.

  11. Chevizz M.:


  12. Otakahunt:

    ign doesnt play in 1st person mode? weak!

    • Andy Spoor:

      +TheTechPoTaToCHIP you can turn off head bobbing and ragdoll stuff. What now?

    • Otakahunt:

      +TheTechPoTaToCHIP  weak boy… it doesnt give me motion sickness at all. Its alot of fun to play it in 1st person… falling over is the funniest, do you wanna fall over in real life? me neither, so ingame you can experience that without harming yourself! Just today i finished the story, played in 1st person only… so much fun. 3rd person is for casuals! 😛

    • TheTechPoTaToCHIP:

      THANK FUCKING GOD! I’m sick of all the assholes playing in 1st person, IT GIVES ME FUCKING MOTION SICKNESS! GTA was not made for 1st person, your character keeps getting bumped around on foot and the head bobbing is ridiculous. While in a car, people keep crashing and making the damn camera shake. Plus the FOV is fucked both on foot and in a vehicle. That is why I will NEVER play in 1st person considering even the god damn videos give me motion sickness. 

    • John Ford:

      +13 Year Old Body Builder do you even lift

    • Birchall 117:

      Hahaha 13 Year Old Body Builder hahaha gayyyyy

  13. Trinax11:

    NO I HATE THIS, will it be on PC like in san andreas? you just type the cheat nowhere like in 1 second, not in a fucking phone like gta iv

  14. GamerStorm:

    does this work for ps3?

  15. Calinks:

    Now if only they woulds bring back the old awesome cheats like Peds Riot!

  16. suliman aljabbary:

    but are there more cheats we want gta sa level cheats

  17. MetalucardXX2K:

    lol the game look the same only with some more things thats all and is in full hd XD

  18. Young Carti:

    ADD ME PSN: brijon29 (PS3 AND PS4!!!!)

  19. SwageR SaveAge:

    thats its it ?

  20. Random google+ user:

    But I actually like the button combos. It felt nice to have something like that in a modern game since it’s not common for a game these days to have cheats

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