GTA 5 All PC Cheat Codes — Command Codes

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  1. Kristian Hotvedt:

    I have a question: Are from one of these lands: Norway , Sweeden , Denmark

  2. Zibens:

    0:40 I believe it is tilde not title isn’t it???

  3. Ciaran:

    There is also another called ‘TOOLUP’ which gives you ammo and weapons…

  4. Red Blood Productions#1:

    any cheat code for weapons?

  5. Garry Chandra:

    Just press F4 key .. It will give you a lot of cheat you want 😉

  6. Adam Dumitru gabriel:

    wheres the cheat code to decrease your wanted level

  7. ID MAN rule The World:


  8. Video JadulChannel:


  9. Darkharrisplays anything:

    You just type the cheat or you have to click something before typing the Cheat????

  10. Joe333 GT:

    No Cheat for money?

    • Pops:

      Joe333 GT nope, sadly. Rockstar didn’t develop the choice to «get» money by using cheats. Best way to make money is by built-in stock market and heists, obviously.

  11. Adam Dumitru gabriel:

    there must be one

  12. Jonah Mosevoll:

    Are you norvegian?

  13. ksgamer:

    yiu are bad gamer you playing like a small baby

  14. Keith Johnson:

    No cheat code for spawning boats?

  15. Suchimita Das:

    brother i am telling you something that if u r using computer the press f4 and f8 and you willl get allll the mods you will be god of gta

  16. Mr Potato:

    Says everybody do the flop *proceds to die(sad not that not from a roof)

  17. Ignas Grybauskas:


  18. noam the cat:

    cheat code for money?

  19. sumit bag:

    Spiderman cheat codes

  20. Sunshine Man:

    Is there any cheat to decrease the wanted level ?

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