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  1. Raptr3x:

    For guy’s who don’t know how to insert cheat code, just pres up arrow two times, one to open phone and second to open table for inserting the numbers.

  2. ThatOneGuy:

    I press the up arrow twice but still says multiplayer and video editor.

  3. Koekert:

    When I press up twice, nothing happens. I just get «multiplayer» and something else.

    • Selva Kumar:

      when i press two times it come video mode and multiplayer mode only, i couldn’t type cheat , can you give some idea

    • Roger Frost:

      +Zaree Khattak it is displaying multiplayer and other menu options becasue you entered the menu, by pressing enter key, for entering keypad to enter the cheat codes, bring the phone up by pressing the up key twice and then press the code or number you want to dial, solved, right?

    • Finn:

      Nice and yes u have to finish it’s your call to do this!

    • Roger Frost:

      +Koekie_save maybe you have changed the settings of your cellphone, i guess, well bring up the phone by pressing ‘up’ two times,, and then press any number key, and see what happens, you might be dialing in your keypad now.

    • Cicily Peter:

      Press up 2 times, then press up again. Then start typing in the cheat.

  4. brittany stapleton:

    I can’t use the dial pad on my cell phone, the up twice doesn’t do anything all it says is multiplayer

  5. Gamerul Cristian:

    my gta iv write on telephone multiplayer and video edidor why ?? please help me

  6. CubeEx:

    I dont see the cheats menu

  7. DrexT - Agario:

    how can i go to dial? because there is a Video editor and multiplayer only

  8. umer salman:

    Best One!.

  9. Cpt Makis:

    Thanks Man! It  worked! Good Job!

  10. Sumit K:

    so we can’t activate cheats at the starting of the game



  12. Babi Fovi:

    my cell goes to phonebook .. i can’t put any numbers : why? plz help

    • Roger Frost:

      +Babi Fovi don’t press enter after pressing ‘up’ once, press up 2 times, followed by the number you wish to dial. move highlight to the green call button and press enter.

  13. Roger Frost:

    This is how you get it done, Firstly, complete the initial mission(s) after which you get the phone, and then don’t press enter just after pressing ‘up’ arrow key once, press up arrow key 2 times, the keypad shows up, type the number/digits you wish to dial, move highlight to the green call button and press enter.

  14. Phillip Fernandez:

    hey bro i just cant get through.its staying on multipalyer.and i cant get d numbers.

  15. Definitely A Russian Paid Troll:

    It only gives me the option for Menu.. I can’t enter numbers. EDIT : NVM, you need to press them about 1 second apart.

  16. IT Tricks Master:

    How to use cheats on Android

  17. trinaad potluri:

    Dude my phone is not coming up

  18. Selva Kumar:

    i could not enter cheat code in gta4, its showing multiplayer mode and video mode , how to hide this two and get dial mode blank, anybody give some idea please

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