Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) — Cheat Codes — PS3 and PS4 — Playstation 3 and Playstation 4

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  1. Williams Delcid Almendares:

    Thank u man this is the video I was looking for

  2. Kaydon Vines:

    this cheats are the best

  3. The Black Panther MlgNoscoper21:

    it would better ifyou gave us the phone number

  4. Josh Rodriguez:

    the super gt number just says «stop prank calling me» WTF

  5. Assassin 101:

    they were great cheats thanks

  6. RobertPro:

    how do i get the super GT?

  7. Its really me 83:

    thank you so much for your time and help keep that up

  8. Joseph ,:

    thx for the cheat codes

  9. Riley Klassen:

    does the «Right,Left» thing mean the joystick

  10. Clorox bleach:

    Thank u so much dude u just earned a sub BTW GUYS ALL OF THESE CHEATS WORK IF U DO THEM RIGHT

  11. Luis Guerreiro:

    Thanx for showing all of us the cheat cods

  12. J.B.123 _gaming:

    Thanks these cheat codes help me a lot and smoke weed everyday R.I.P TUPAC AND BIGGIESMALLS

  13. DuckMcDuck:

    the cheats dont work but the dislike button works 🙂

  14. Gabriella Morales:


  15. Erica Ganse:

    u didn’t add the slow mo aim 1 2 and 3

    • Ashley Dirico:

      I am by using method everyday to gain nearly *_Legit Unlimit3d Mon3y and RP_* instantly to date so excellent somebody put up the item here THS IS LEGGGGITTT CHEAAAATSSS FOR UNLIIIIMITTETTED MMMONEEEEEEYYY AND RP IN GGGTTTAAA555

  16. Cristiano Gurjeevan Singh7:

    I like it

  17. ReZiGamingZz:

    at last can take the city oflostsantos over hahahahaa ?

  18. Sam Armstrong flipz:

    Mine I could not get to work

  19. Jake Wolfie:

    I dunno how to to do that kinda stuff

  20. Angel The Fox:

    my favorite video that you made is game night 3 because i like those game and those games are cool

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