Fifty Shades Darker back in the play room

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  1. miss ratchanee:

    Thank you

    • Vicky Venton:

      ???? *…..Best movie…… Ever…..* ???????????????? ???? *You can get **#FiftyShadesFreed** fuII movie here* : [ ]

  2. Ebony Scott:

    Christian: «Let’s learn to walk before we run» Ana: «I kind of like running…» I LOVE SPRINTING TF!!!!

  3. Inori:

    Mrs. Jones is like «….Ok…»

  4. Daydreaming Of You:

    Mrs. Jones omfg

  5. Χρύσα A:

    I don’t get the point of the story tho! Some crazy people having sex???????

  6. Aliyah Rainier:

    Carry me for Christ sakes

  7. ตะ'ล้อง Stone'z:

    Good times

  8. That Aires:

    2:54 why does Ana sound like her voice got really high?

  9. jade pamonag:

    this movie look like the story that i read in wattapad ????????????

  10. Alivea so Alive:

    As soon as he said nipple i busted out laughing

  11. Harley Quinn-official-:

    Walking out with Ana on his shoulder is sooo funny the lady is just like wtf

  12. Sushi Ray:

    FSG…girl meets kinky guy and finds out she’s as kinky as he is… ..she felt a failure with the six slashes she got the previous outing and this time she’s ready to get thrashed….to prove herself worthy…

  13. Julie Martenez:

    «Those are nipple clips.» So casual but that’s Christine, but I looked at my nips and just thanked god for not letting that happen to me but I never had that happen so I can’t say it feels good or not lol

    • Harley Layton:

      Julie Martenez some women like it, most don’t, and very few love it (on another level). At least from what I’ve gathered in my personal experiences

  14. Brianna Faussette:

    This is funny

  15. Bea Arguelles:

    she had a late reaction lol

    • Vicky Venton:

      ???? *…..Best movie…… Ever…..* ???????????????? ???? *You can get **#FiftyShadesFreed** fuII movie here* : [ ]

  16. Decrepit Society:

    «Does she dust in here?»

  17. Dakota Stewart!:

    There are about 10 moments and this short scene that I laughed at. I don’t think I can make it through this whole film I think I just be laughing the whole time and I don’t think it’s meant to be a comedy but I can’t take anything seriously.

  18. DonutPlayz:

    2:51 *This is normal by now..* XD

    • Vicky Venton:

      ???? *…..Best movie…… Ever…..* ???????????????? ???? *You can get **#FiftyShadesFreed** fuII movie here* : [ ]

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