download Warface on steam

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  1. GaMeRLiFe:

    I need your comment gyes to improve my self 🙂

  2. Oussama Ousboys:

    Why we need hotspot? Anyway good job

    • GaMeRLiFe:

      The store page of this game cannot reach my ip cuz i live in Palestine, So i’ve used it to let the game reach a fake ip then i download it easily :D.

  3. Horizon Gamers:

    Nice video jaber !! i love you ♥

  4. Taha Lofçalıoğlu:

    song name?

  5. Ugandan Warrior:

    umm bro .. Ive been waiting for the video that you’ve recorded yesterday ?

  6. Gamer:

    FAKE!!! DOWNLOAD GAME HERE: ** (just copy this bold link to toolbar)

  7. Clara:

    Why u need hotspot ?

  8. Cem Özçelik:

    Türk oyunu????????

  9. Giii Lachica:

    Title song??? First

  10. Hung Games New-HK:

    Why download VPN man ?

  11. Timothy Pham:

    I’m in Australia, do I still need hotspot?

  12. Night Ghost:

    oh and thanks for game

  13. Bro Squatch:

    can you please tell after downloading warface from steam do the launcher also download gigs or just click and play

  14. Karthik mp:

    Hey bro I subbed u

  15. AbhistaGaming:

    I am in Indonesia -__-

  16. future.:

    when connecting steam dont have internet then u know..

  17. #Rozonthegame #:

    hey am living in India and its too far from tje europe server but still i am not kiked and can play without any issue…thats good

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