Download GTA V [5] PC 2013 *SKIDROW* [Direct and Torrent] !!

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  1. Tristian Hernandez:

    thought it would be fake,can’t imagine i have downloaded the game and i am playing now.rly no this is no scam.i know peple will figure out that those videos are scam but this one isn’t##

  2. Sub ESP:

    i was dieing to play this game.thanks very much

  3. Jack Steve lopez vilcherrez:

    Special thanks from my side dude <3!!

  4. Kracovro:

    Got the game,Can’t believe i am playing GTA 5 ON my screen 🙂 )

  5. MrStr8Gamer:

    the installer is rly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got the game.

  6. javier garalut serrano:

    amzing stuff provider!!!!

  7. Fabian Wessels:


  8. Jhosep Retor:

    GUys best chance never lose it.otherwise maybe it will not work later

  9. Andrea Rossi:

    came back to say thanks when i saw downloaded has finished 🙂 i am rly happy to install it now..

  10. Нина Порядина:

    I was waggling here and there to get GTA V because i have build special system for GTA V.thanks to GS for better results till now.

  11. RageForCoD:

    Got it .Never trust other but GS:) Love it .

  12. Nenzinhu Souza:

    Fucking awesome.Thnx alot

  13. Rafael Diaz:

    This installed is insane.I just clicked on download and later when the download got over it directly installed 🙂 no patching or cracking required. OMG OMG !

  14. robertkeyna:

    Downloaded GTA V with 1Mb per secs,still my speed is slow but took 12 hours to complete.Any way i am happy now thanks

  15. Yout Visitsup:

    Wah this is out for PC? Amzazing 🙂 Can’t believe this.

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