Download GTA San Andreas! «free, full version» *NO TORRENT*

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  1. klyzn:

    It works but sounds on cut-scenes and pedestrians don’t work. Its Silent.. Need help, what to do?

  2. BullNims Gaming:

    the sounds doesn’t work pls answer

  3. TheGamingRocks:

    Dudes, I dоwnlоaded gta san andreas in ultra high speed direᴄtly by dоing this: 1. Just go to *afreegamer. com* (A website whiᴄh gives direᴄt and high speed games) 2. Searᴄh fоr gta san andreas оr any оther game yоu want tо dоwnlоad. 3. Dоwnlоad it, install, use and enjоy. Its damn easy, am i right? Afreegamer has a huge library оf free and high speed games. All the games are tоtally virus free and 100% wоrking. Try it atleast оnᴄe. What harm ᴄоuld it pоssibly dо?

  4. Jozseffirst Lovin' gamin':

    Iam having problems,i want to start the game but it says it can not be launched because my computer missing a file named «vorbisfile.dll»Can somebody help?

  5. Future Punk:

    Does this work on windows 10?

  6. Cinderin:

    6 hours O_O 100mb every hour*

  7. rhyso oberding:

    when i download it, it tells me the «vorbisfile.dll» file is missing, ive downloaded it 4 times now, and the same error keeps occuring, any pointers?

  8. Fabiboom TV:

    i used zipzilla

  9. Woxot:

    14 hours download

  10. jeppeflame:

    THANKS MAN! Btw, how can I download mods? So worth the 1 hour! Ily

  11. Mad Moose:

    30 min!!!!!!!!! ok then…

  12. DeepSheet DERP:

    «If you liked the video, THUMBS UP… If you didn’t Liked it, then uhh, well nothing».. GOOD ONE BRO….

  13. Keshav Shukla:

    but i have gta vice city 2010 and it is extrme slow i have 32 bit and 256 mb grapics so wht i do

  14. Jonrie Channel:

    thanks man it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TheDiamondKanaal:

    thanks bro i like this 🙂

  16. ArticleSin:

    On me its not opening, what to do?

  17. Axolotlic:

    Google Chrome says 1.3/2.4GB 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 hours remaining! I cant believe you made the file so big! >:(

  18. George Albazy:

    Does this contain all the audio?

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