Company Of Heroes New Steam V2.700.2.42 Trainer +7

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  1. PapaJones:

    for me there is noth ing in the folder

  2. Ash:

    DOES NOT WORK, says game is: OFF even though game is running, nothing happens when I press F1.

  3. Eustass Kid:

    Make a new one dude its not working for online anymore if you use u going to lose :

  4. GaMe_rul:

    Хуй пидарас штоб ты здох и все амереканцы!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sir Valentin:

    The population cheat doesn’t work. Please Fix this problem, otherwise the trainer not fully satisfying. And I activate just like you and it does not work in skirmish single player still in the Campaign

  6. Vang neng lee:

    Not working download this games

  7. bretzels studio:

    pleaz update the cheat pleaz version 2.700.2.43

  8. Organism1024:

    Hi, I have been using your trainer for many years, (it´s great btw), but recently Relic decided to update the game to a new version (V2.700.2.43 in Steam) and your trainer doesn’t work now. I wonder if you have thought to update your trainer, I know this is a very old game, and I assume you are using all your time to make trainers for new games, but it’s just that your trainer is the best and there is a huge community out there that still plays COH. Also I want to thank you for your work, I think it’s great. Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my bad english)

  9. Nermin Mehanovic:

    what about cracked game

  10. Zaviel Har:

    totally rubbish

  11. Budi Bintoro:

    im error to download

  12. Bashear AL Haje:

    you got to do some thing for this pop cap it drives me nuts i needed more than 125

  13. Alejandro Orcial:

    esta pagina no sirve

  14. Сербы и Русские Православные Братья:

    Dont work 4 mission play. but its working in skirmish !!!!

  15. Faster Gaming:

    no online ?

  16. John Fletcher:

    infinite unit caP?

  17. Space Marine:

    i cant downooad it, keeps saying failed to download

  18. Luis Artur Ribeiro:

    I am unable to activate any code , the game opens up and ‘ ‘ game is ‘ ‘ is on , but not F1 grip and nothing happens …

  19. kevin sanabria:

    any help with map hack for multiplayer

  20. Mr. Engineer:

    When i press F1 nothing happens help.

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