Company of heroes Modern combat (MOD)

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  1. Theotherwhitemeat21:

    Normal AI? I suppose you still let you mother hand feed you?

  2. Sovereign General Vilson Von Huang V:

    The Opposing team really should have won. They had multiple chances to capture the victory points but didn’t. Also, you were not being a good teammate by not helping his troubles at his base, and even when he gives his thanks and compliments, you ignored him. These are the small things. You should have coordinated with him and supported each other.Plus, why didn’t you communicate with him? Ask what doctrine he was using so you can give him air support while he covers you with his tanks. You should also be WAY more attentive to your own units since many of them died because you weren’t paying attention to most of your units. Many times you saw or heard the threat (ex. the AT guns aiming at your armored car or the radio warning on the snipers) but chose to ignore it.

  3. Quan Nguyen Trung:

    how can play COH Modern Combat on LAN.. plz

  4. chonnapatt phichayophas:

    So noob

  5. kevin dasilva:

    does modern combat require tales of valor or opposing founts can someone please tell me

  6. Mario Reibmayr:

    Worst round i ever saw

  7. taha hormozan:

    Not good at all

  8. Freaky Gamer:

    The round looked like a round from a rambo movie. Lol

  9. Mein Fuhrer:


  10. oak smiths:

    my skirmish doesn’t work.. the AI quits from the game after 10 second i started the match 2

  11. CJ00014:

    I can’t download it from the page. IDK why the process cancels itself mid-download, can anyone give me a torrent for it?

  12. Robert Descatoires:

    interesting to read some of the comments. I guess a lot of you were experts right  from the word go, I don’t think so somehow, so maybe you should give these guys a break. just a thought.

  13. Сегрср Оршррогш:

    я заметил у тебя нет теней чего бы так сделал комп слабый

  14. Yappy Raccoon:

    This game looks beautiful though I’d like to see more killing.

  15. Taylor Orton:

    good game

  16. Henry Jurkiewicz:

    Why don’t you turn off of down the annoying music . 3 mins of that racket was enough

  17. Tarek Itaneh:

    hey bro can u tell us how to install the mod

  18. Richard Jorissen:

    thanks for showing ous the loading scream realy nice the 300 ping

  19. John Wick:

    Dumbfuck you can pee on your brief.

  20. zoolandermmx01:

    both of them played very badly

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