company of heroes cheats

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  1. Herr Krieg:

    Why is this comment section filled with spanish people?!?!?!!

  2. Rahimi Aiman:

    how to make M10 Wolverine Cheats………i don’t understand about mouse point

  3. Kevin Blomsma:

    where is the download file????

  4. Wim Houben:

    I got a crash report every time I start a map when the trainer is ‘activated’

  5. XMAM awx:

    does this includes the COH: Tales of Valor?

  6. Music Brother:

    jajajja me hisiste reir con solo pensar que los alemanes manda unas dos tropitas para matarte XDDDD CRACK

  7. John Fletcher:

    Se tiene que comprar para la version 2.7

  8. Joran Nijenmanting:

    How to use the trainer?

  9. Wuilman martinez:

    Como puedo tener este truco?

  10. John Moose:

    this mod work on company of heroes coh

  11. John Moose:

    thx but i know this mod and how to download how to download 1-download the mod 2-extract all the files to company of heroes dirctory 3-do a shortcut for the game 4-go to properties and delet » this after exe and space 5 and type that -mod CheatMod -dev -nomovies 6-to see the controls that in the readem txt file and ENJOY!!!1

  12. Matija Svoboda:

    nice man….. ! TY!!!!!

  13. River Hill:

    Does King Tiger can be made unlimited?

  14. AstoundingMoron:

    I don’t like to download mods so I used the developer console

  15. Tupax Rivera:

    it dosnt work

  16. Juggernaut:

    YES ! exacly how it should be done !

  17. j Utn:

    how do i enter these cheats ?

  18. marco hauri:

    wie aktiviert man den trainer, wenn man ne FN taste braucht um F1 zu drücken? wenn ich es nämlich mit FN + ? ( ?-dort ist die f1 taste) drücke, aktiviert es den trainer nicht…

  19. GMINI?:

    funciona para Company of Heroes complete edition

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