Company of heroes: Blitzkrieg mod. (V 3.1)

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  1. Voss2120:

    I dont understand why Relic didnt make the games like this in the first place. Instead they make up hog wash stats and abilities for units, then nerf the abilities to balance them. In CoH2 the gun range on the King Tiger is totally horrifyingly pathetic. I could probably throw a football further then it can shoot. Also a half track taking two hits from a a King Tiger 88 before it blows up, which was a even better version of the gun used on the Tiger 1? In reality that gun would pick up that half track and then denigrate it with 1 HEAT round which was the standard round the KT used. Cant wait for CoH2 to get Modded

  2. Grim the Fox:

    Best Mod ever !!!

  3. Jaro van der Wal:

    This shud be a game on it self ps sorry for bed englise i am dutch

  4. tekkerseinemusik:

    Sehr gutes Spiel …. spielt jemand denn 2 Teil? 

  5. X Ray:

    are you guys stop ? do the mod on coh 2 insted if this game alredy old

  6. Noah Stockmann:

    Hands down the best mod for Company of Heroes. Found a decent comparable mod for my Company of Heroes 2. This however was and will be the best mod ever. Bravo gentlemen, I salute you

  7. Derpy Para:

    whata the song in the beggining

  8. Josh Carmine:

    whats the name of the song?

  9. Todbringer x:

    einfach ein epischer mod

  10. GiRL Fit:

    New Blitzkrieg mod Afrika 43 extension V2! here

  11. shorty der boss:

    why have the Germans so heavy airforce and the us and britains not?

  12. Jaro van der Wal:

    This shud be a game on it self ps sorry for bed englise i am dutch

  13. M3nson:

    can you have both this mod and eastern front?

  14. Richardsen:

    Nice video, and good choice of music. May I ask your system specs?

  15. UB3ARCAT:

    +strelacxxx you may be the dumbest person alive… read up on your history before you try to comment or maybe go back to elementary school and learn about ww2 again.

  16. viliboy:

    I can watch this all day. Perfect choice of soundtrack. Some people dislike it but they’re faggots who would rather put bullet for my valentine kind of crap.

  17. GTA Cleveland:

    lol @1:12 why were the engineers doing updowns?

  18. naya metalbohak:

    jerman jancok

  19. naya metalbohak:

    sory salah ketik

  20. naya metalbohak:

    jerman good military

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