Company Of Heroes 2 V3.0.0.14690 Trainer +7

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  1. Darth Baras:

    could y please make one for version i tried this one but i have a problem with god mode…sometimes it works for the enemy too and i can’t kill them…i would appreciate it a lot if y could make one 

  2. Roman S:

    how do you minimize the game like that?

  3. Nermin Mehanovic:

    is there a trainer that can remove the fog of war ?

  4. Zitax Zitax:

    hello , sorry but i don’t know how to disable the anticheat , can you help me ?

  5. True Colors:

    i have a coh2 v

  6. uu and:

    i hate hotkeys when i press f1 then i quit the game by himself after give me help and support and i press other NOTHING HAPPEND

  7. The Motherfucking Emperor of Mankind:

    Great trainer but can’t you add instant build? Really appreciate it.

  8. teufel:

    Update please 🙂

  9. H:

    and the trainer says cheat couldn’t activate

  10. H:

    mrantifun can you fix this, when I start the trainer the return to the game and says bug

  11. Pontus Palo:

    thanks for the new trainers

  12. BMW Commando:

    Is it working online or is it the. Desync with two different games?

  13. Quy Nguyen:

    can you fix bug splat

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