CoD:WaW Nazi Zombie Cheats / Console Commands!

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  1. Mr Zunk:

    Does it work with cracked versions off the game?

  2. Levi Smith:

    This is all the map names in English: Nacht der untoten = Night of the undead shi no numa = Zombie swamp verukt = asylum der reise = The giant 

  3. Old-FashionedMod:

    ^1 Red ^2 Green ^3 Yellow ^4 Blue ^5 Light Blue ^6 Pink ^7 White ^8 Dark Brown ^9 Random ^0 black These are all the different color fonts. Do say ^(#)(what you want to say)

  4. Cinema Tube:

    it»s workkkkkkkkkkk godddddddddddddddd work man nice job i love you man

  5. dj roombig:

    la que boton uso para que me salga eso

  6. The Leader Of Sloths:

    this one might help you guys he didn’t mntion this one but this command will give you unlimited ammounlimited ammo: sf_use_ignoreammo 1

  7. steven sibert:

    What’s the cheat??

  8. Mr Target:

    arcademode dont work

  9. Kattevenn:

    Dose it work for ps3

  10. Tiger082762:

    Wow long ago when I was a PC gamer I had some good times with theses cool mods but now I’m a ps3 gamer 🙁

  11. PyRo killer:

    This is pc

  12. christie winnert:

    Hack much

  13. frank woods:

    God mode doesn’t work for me plz help me

  14. Pc Gamer:

    what about unlimited points

  15. Black Modern day:

    cheates ps3!!!

  16. Prixon Priz:

    How do you opene that search bar/command bar???

  17. Marlontheboy - Minecraft mods, texture packs and more!:

    can u do give ray gun ?

  18. Laura Rose Chase:

    That’s really cool.

  19. Jay Baylen:

    Dude i cant see the letters

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