Chenyue, Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal play Autumn Piece

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  1. toyodafamily2008:

    It’s called «Autumn in Country». «Sato no Aki» in Japanese.

  2. Bokuto Kotaro:

    The guy playing guitar looks so chill…love it!

  3. 张宗浩:

    However, it is weird to see a Chinese player and a western people to play a Japanese song in a western country.

  4. gblan:

    The recorder sounds harsh and squawky compared to that flute.

  5. John Smith:

    Nice arrangement.  East plays the melody in (mostly) pentatonic scale, then West comes in with harmony.

  6. Dimitri-Johan Renucci:

    merveilleux !!!!

  7. toyodafamily2008:

    This is Japanese song: Soto no Aki. «Au

  8. earlymusicus:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Michala Petri play the tenor recorder! It was beautiful! What a lovely piece of music and what a wonderful instrument the xiao is!

  9. Sam Kaner:

    I have to be honest that the recorder kind of ruins it. It would sound better on high bass, and I have to say that her recorder isn’t really appropriate for this kind of playing; a softer wood like pear or maple would sound better here.

  10. Sebastian Boochew:

    SHEET MUSIC PLEASE!! i loved it, magnificent piece

  11. Rasmus Hvidkær Christoffersen:


  12. Rosman Alvarado:

    The magic of the western music! I love this song…

  13. Erkan Onuk:

    it seems to be ibony granadine modern tenor recorder.this wood has different and vonderful voice and super rezonans..

  14. S.R.V.:

    how beautiful.  What is the instrument the woman in yellow is playing? 

  15. michal18c:

    yes sheet music please, anyone?

  16. Matias aguero:

    nice recorder

  17. Natureisgreat:

    What a strange flute but how beautiful it sounds. Is there a chance to get it as sheet music???

  18. Ronald L:

    I love the sound of the instrument Chenyue is playing !

  19. MickeyDutch:

    Wow! Beautiful! I would love to have the sheetmusic! Who’s is it? I’m touched!

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