CHEAT TO WIN — GTA 5 Gameplay

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  1. Castus13:

    Hexmolly is now the new Turbid. Find him, and burn him.

  2. Razza Clarke:

    Angry lawrence is the best lawrence

  3. Charlie Kelly:

    5/10 needed more Whips.

  4. ThatFunnyNigga:

    Whoever edited this, 10/10

  5. Castus13:

    Little known fact- Dolphin’s Tale was originally written as a romance film following Morgan Freeman’s pursuit of love with a handicapped dolphin, however they scrapped it due to its likeness to A Fault in our Stars in favour of the family friendly story…. Well, that and Mr. Freeman’s insistent suggestion for an intense sex scene with the dolphin caused the removal of that plot altogether.

  6. kimeechi:

    im still laughing at that ending

  7. Kuro Rei:

    *$20,000 Bounty on HexMolly!! FIND HIM!! $$$*

  8. Future Ruler of Ukraine:

    Ew Polygon

  9. randomfrankp:

    The editing on this one was fucking phenomenal.

  10. AlphaDog:

    I have sold my soul to Pe/ke. Good desicion I have done in my life.

  11. The Vinyl Broadcaster:

    Lawrence’s blow up about HexMolly just about made me spit coffee all over the company computer. THANKS LAWRENCE!

  12. meh:

    Rage Lawrence is the best Lawrence

  13. penyuwan:

    HexMolly the new Turbid.

  14. 21 Sadness:

    Do they not upload the unedited versions anymore?

  15. GogoKaito:

    Lawrence, you made me laugh so hard I was cryin. I’ve been havin a stressful week but that really made my day XD Thank you.

  16. gingervampireFTW:

    I am disappointed by the distinct lack of whipping in this video.

  17. lenny judd:

    nazi lawrence is probably one of the funniest god damn things ive seen in a long time.

  18. Nexionic:

    Marry me Lawrence and shout at me like you do GTA <3

  19. Boomplan8:

    Angry Lawrence is the best thing ever…

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