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  1. YoluQord:

    terima kasih tutorial nya bang

  2. Nando surabaya:

    bang install nya gimana.

  3. JustinGaming150:

    if this work or dont work i will sub 😀

  4. RizqiRusydi 19:

    beneran bisa?

  5. Esa Hutapea:

    bang kok saya ada tulisan kaya gini dah bang click here to proceed

  6. xxgamerboy xx:

    its virus guys

  7. NANDO Gaming:

    bisa online gak bang

  8. Pengguna Youtube:

    Download nya di ocean games ajh itu gratis dan nggk ada virusnya

  9. Blackest Mamba:


  10. kerls neamat:

    thank you

  11. hana nabila:

    Cara instalnya gimana

  12. Ikhsan Mohamad:

    Work Gak Ini Downloadnya 100%? Bisa Online Juga Kan?

  13. xDavid Does Gaming:

    Kalo Laptop nya di shutdown di ulang ga?

  14. Vegito’s fighting:

    !!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME OR ANY GAME OFF AllGames4 !! This entire website is piggybacking a very smart computer «virus» onto your PC packaged with legit games. What the virus does is it mines bitcoins for the developer when you aren’t around, say at 5:30 AM. It eats up your computer’s resources and slows down & goes into «sleep mode» once you start interacting with your peripherals (i.e., move the mouse, push a button on the keyboard, etc). Here’s a reddit article if you want to read more about it: DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. They also download Trojan viruses onto your computer so please just avoid this website at any cost if you really care about your computer. If something seems too good to be true, then it really is. Why would someone make a website and let people download FREE FULL games just cause? Nobody would. This website hides behind the fact that you really can download these full games for free, so people are desperate enough to do so and that’s when they hit you with the viruses. If you’ve already downloaded something from this site, go get your computer checked out. Like this comment so people can see it & avoid downloading anything from the site. Just buy Gta or any other game from the store.

  15. Jovanka HTX:

    Itu judul lagu backgrounnya apa bang

  16. Gaming Legends:

    thx ya

  17. Mardi Yaniarifin:

    wpi jgn cpet2 osas

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