BoxBox and Annie play Heroes Arena ft. Erick

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  1. gluglamana:

    Game: Hearthstone thanks boxbox can always count on you for quality information

  2. Darky:

    When will he do a cosplay as Kat? I’m still waiting…

  3. Amanda Case:

    I love your videos! Riven got me to wood 2 woot woot ( just kidding I am really silver 5 but there is no difference) Keep up the greatest Riven plays ever love the vids

  4. Dimitar Dichev:

    You know what they say if her age is on the clock she can get the c**k 😉

  5. Shazta24:

    GL to everyone in the giveaway!~

  6. Loupio373:

    This game x)

  7. Tunahan Tufan:

    Reminder arkadaş listemde

  8. Marcus Christofferse:

    damn more fidget spinners????

  9. Constantin:

    Random comments never wins… :C

  10. Hussien Junior:


  11. Marcmaz:

    Lil Witch looks a lot like Annie.

  12. Sarp Tuna Topal:

    great vid

  13. Márk Molnár:

    Did i win?


    A little bit of Amazon in my life A little bit of Giftcard by my side A little bit of Money is all I need A little bit of a Giveaway is what I see A little bit of BoxBox in the sun A little bit of Livestreams all night long A little bit of a Winner here I am A little bit of you makes me your man. BoxBox <3

  15. SpookyNeedle:

    money 😀

  16. Olle Sundberg:

    i’m in it to win it

  17. Der Jonny:

    omg its a kappa ^^

  18. Βασιλης Πανταζοπουλος:

    boxbox ????

  19. Hao Cao:

    League patch looks a bit off

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