Batman: Arkham City — Cheats

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  1. LeoBrickFilms:

    In return to Arkham, you can select your skins in story mode without the cheat!

  2. Boorno:

    And where’s big boobs mod for Harley?

  3. A5C3NDANC3:

    0:33 *Batman intensifies*

  4. Xavier Cruz:

    the big head cheat didn’t work

  5. mob2uz:

    I’ve owned Batman Arkam City for 5 years now, and the only reason I know about big head mode is because Honest Game Trailers just told me. 0.o!?

  6. Murrdogg Gaming:

    Does anyone know if the skins cheat will work with the game of the year edition? Seems like it would if the skins are already in the game, but still curious. I don’t have the GOTY edition yet but I’d like to know.

  7. Tyler Cooper:

    I can’t get the multiple skins one to work which is the only one I wanted to work lol you do it after you pick your save slot before resuming your saved game right?

  8. MrLenivchik:

    It’s funny them having huge heads!

  9. Ash 1337 Gaming:

    I got Arkham City GOTY on steam so all skins- skin cheat works good! but no big head mode 4 some reason…

  10. The Fire Knight:

    I’ve done the batman costume one but it never works

  11. goku black:

    ok big head don’t work for ps3 or do you have to be off a mission

  12. illiminutti:

    Hey guys … The taunt cheat works on arkham origins . But I don’t know if the bobble head cheat works. But the taunt does. Oh guys if the bobble head cheat didn’t work in this video go to rooster teeths video and his works !!!!!! If any request on anything cheat related I will tell you if I can do it or not. Always a Harley Quinn lover ♦️♣️♦️♣️♦️♣️♣️♥️

  13. александр лукьяненко:

    Кто русский Like)

  14. ENOeasy game:

    I got only 2 skins 🙁

  15. SilentAssassin:

    i have skins dlc will the skin cheat work for me?

  16. XxShock FragzxX:

    Does the big head work on wii U?

  17. dan Aliyev:

    It’s not letting me choose a costume on my ps3, even though I hear the sound. I have Beaten the story.

  18. Paruiz:

    Everyone who saying the skin doesnt work you must complete your game on normal easy doesnt work

  19. Jacob W:

    I’ve seen my friend use the big head cheat but it won’t work for me. I’m playing new game + and I’m doing EXACTLY what the video says and nothing happens

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