All pokemon sapphire cheats for myboy (all pokeballs,pokedex, etc)

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  1. Alonso Diaz:

    hey dude , which is the use for the master code ?

  2. AshuPirateKing:

    cheats in description

  3. Liron:

    Where Did You find Completed pokedex

  4. Kevin Vogel:

    how to use the walk through the wall code is doesnt working

  5. Dancing Chara:

    Omg thank you so much!!!!!!! it worked!!!!!!!

  6. Kellen Morris:

    awsum cheats and my boy emulator for Sappire and Ruby and emeralad

  7. LordHelixGod _:

    tm hm and wall walking dont work

  8. Плюшка:

    the mewtwo code crashes the game when the battle start.

  9. Harsh Yadav:

    Bhai please tell me how to download x and y in gba

  10. Shiney Panda:

    Do u need the master code to unlock the other codes

  11. Raizel Sena:

    8COCC69D 0384 FA9826ER 9187 8C9DC708 0881 FB9826AE 9585

  12. Vlogholic_ Shubhankar:

    Pokedex not working

  13. Vlogholic_ Shubhankar:

    thank you so much bro

  14. ansari asjad:

    thanks to show me this cheat

  15. sudip mitra:

    Thank you for rare candy code..

  16. Chickenzilla:

    Mudkip cheat?

  17. fantasma YT:

    97726CAE 9184 17832EDE 3475 885E5A77 0386

  18. Diorge Antolin:

    YOu need to Buy The My Boy iN aPP sTORE

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