6 Exotic Nachos From Around The World (Cheat Day)

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  1. Roisin Curry:

    Love when joslyn and lily are together nothing beats them ?

  2. Muskan Pandey:

    I think i love joslyn more after every video

  3. Malcolm Benn:

    I’m handling life about as well as Erin is handling shrimp

  4. Marisol Ramirez:

    erin is even more like ariel then I thought she was ?

  5. Jessica Osden:

    how can Erin judge joslyn about not liking the lamb nachos when she can’t even eat a shrimp without crying?

    • Dennis Van haarlem:

      Jessica Osden because its lamb and joslyn likes everything….. erin cried because she is terrified of sea creatures like a lot of other people….

  6. carol:

    Erin & Lily are the pickiest people on cheat day lolololol ?? but I love em’

  7. Mel June:

    Erin is so Ariel

  8. Daniel Gilchrist:

    Erin looks like the slutty Maid from American Horror Story ?

  9. XxBronzePlaysxX:

    she dosent ike seafood……..red head……..her name is erin ……………ariels husbands name is erin……………….sooooo yup shes ariel

  10. Cayleigh Mcclendon:

    Why did the producers of this show knowingly put the girl who had a fear of seafood in that position? That is so sad and they should have known better in my opinion.

  11. SWank:

    «the world is coming into my mouth right now……» Anyone, anyone……. guess no one

  12. dana husam:

    erin girl same i hate sea food too so freaking much

  13. Morena D:

    omg Erin was legit crying????

  14. Nazanin Kashefi:

    I’m terrified of seafood too. It’s just so weird looking and the texture is horrendous.

    • Sonique Cat:

      I don’t mind people not LIKING food. But CRYING over it? That is pathetic.

    • Panic! At Harambe's disco:

      Fish feels like chicken but less dry are you a vegetarian?


      To be honest, I’m a girl who likes seafood and I do agree that some seafoods or shellfish have weird texture to it, but if you look at something and u think it’s weird looking or disgusting without even trying it, your missing out on it. But if u do try it and you dislike I won’t judge u. You won’t know what something is or what it tastes like if you don’t try it.

    • Muse Dawn:

      +Chuck Norris Le Troll

    • Panic! At The Pity Party:

      +Chuck Norris Honestly that is nor at all true and really people like you are not going to go far if you continue to categorize women like that. Men are not supposed to use us just for toys or pleasure and/or items to put on a shelf although many men do so that doesn’t mean that you have to also. As mush as I hate to put down people but you disgust me and honestly people like you are going to be the reason the Earth ends.

  15. kendall howe:

    she was freaking out about shrimp but not the lamb…?

  16. Siena Kinsale:

    It is not poop in the shrimp it is the vein

  17. Rhea C:

    When she said «Canadia», I died.

  18. mimy beauty secrets:

    How can anyone don’t like the Moroccan Tagine ? I mean seriously !

  19. Maria Morales:

    «basically I had a sexual awakening with a fish» ?

  20. Molly Pennick:

    When Erin cried I felt so sad!

    • Park Chimin:

      Sonique Cat Sonique Cat I haven’t watched the pancake video but if you did not watch this video where she explains what had happen to her, you can’t blame her for «crying hysterically over a shrimp.» She’s traumatised. When someone has been affected by something, especially at a young age, a part in the brain gets triggered and causes the person to react a certain way, usually in a panic attack, when the person comes into contact with whatever it may be. Don’t come here commenting how she’s spoilt disdat, that has nothing to do with this, you can be poor and still have panic attacks due to a traumatic event. You need to grow up honestly.

    • Janelle C:

      Everyone having such a strong reaction to what happened is pretty pathetic (specifically the negative reactions). Seriously, get a life, maybe a hobby. Stamp collecting.

    • Sonique Cat:

      when I first clicked on it, I had no idea she is gonna be crying pathetically. Funny, people get all up in arms when some girl didn’t like pancakes in the other video, but when Erin cries and is hysterical over shrimp, they coddle her.

    • Carli K:

      what about crying makes you spoiled? it was a legit fear and dislike of it, you cannot blame her.

    • moo moo vlogs:

      Sonique Cat shut up if you dont like it dont watch it erin has a dislike of fish and she didnt want to try it thats not her fault idiot leave her alone

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